Guys, guys, guuuuuuuuys!

Homestuck is the modern Aeneid.

Guy writing it with a million people looking over his shoulder? Check.

First half about a group of destined people going through hardship to build a new civilization after their old one is burnt down? Check.

Several complex groups of nonhumans able to exert influences on their adventures? Check.

Second half introducing another race with whom the mains will have to work to establish their new civilization, continuing the themes established in the first? Check.

Conflict and romance and infighting and more between the two races? Check.

An ultimate destiny of apotheosis? Check.

Recurring themes, phrases, epithets? Check.

So, uh. What I’m leading up to here is that a thousand years from now, the Vergilian epithet “saeva” will be equaled by the Hussnasty meme “bluh bluh huge bitch”.