Back in the old days, men did woodshop while women did home ec. Men learned practical skills while women learned how to maintain a house. While these exact divisions don’t exist in classrooms today, still girls are rarely taught how to use a saw, weld metal, or wire a kitchen. Enter Rosie’s Girls, a three-week summer camp where girls entering grades 6-8 learn traditionally “masculine” skills like carpentry, welding, and fire-fighting. Cool!

Taking it’s name from Rosie the Riveter, the bicep-flexing symbol for women in the workforce during World War II, the camp aims to build the self-esteem of young girls and challenge the idea that certain domains are reserved for men. Girls wear construction hats, abseil down tall buildings, and get covered in paint. They also do silk screening, painting, and collage, and engage in physical activities like swimming and self-defense classes. The girls are taught to work as a team and support each other — a non-competitive approach that could be crucial for later life, helping to combat a Mean Girls mentality developing during high school, and even encouraging more female-to-female support in the workplace.

Crucially, the camp caters to girls at precisely the age when female self-esteem plummets. It is offered in eight different locations across five states: California, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont

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I just want Eridan to be a decent person/moirail is that too much to ask for 

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i usually draw vriska wearing something i would except it looks 250% cooler on her lmao

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I’m so over the “My grandparents immigrated in the 1900’s, they had nothing to do with slavery, they faced oppression, but they stood up to it and they prospered.” line. You know why your Irish, Italian, Polish, German, whatever grandparents did okay? Because they had light/white skin. And as soon as they joined in the oppression of Black people they got their whiteness papers. Spare me the “well they never owned slaves so why should I feel guilty” when they didn’t have to own slaves to be oppressive. Who do you think was participating in those race riots in Chicago, NYC, Oklahoma, St. Louis, & elsewhere? Who do you think turned their neighborhoods, small towns, etc into areas where it was unsafe to be Black after sundown? Who do you think became authority figures (cops, politicians, teachers) and wrote new laws to marginalize & oppress when the old ones were overturned? Like really, there are umpteen books on the development of whiteness in America including ones specifically about immigrant groups after Reconstruction. Read some of them & then shut the entire fuck up about what your ancestors didn’t do and start talking about what they did do.

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"Do you love me enough that I may be weak with you?"

- Alain de Botton, Essays in Love (via wordsnquotes)

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Pulp Fiction (1994)

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Beyond the Pros and Cons of Trigger Warnings: Collectivizing Healing

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how come in fandom whenever there’s an m/m pairing it exists in this strange parallel universe where all of their relationships with women are insignificant and/or not real and they are the straight up homogays (lol what’s a bisexual), but whenever it’s an f/f pairing their biggest obstacle is their past relationship with men?

oh wait.

i know exactly why.

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